My name is Chris Emery and this is my personal website. I like to make things, and this is the place where I step back and think and write about the craft of making things.

I have made my living for the past two — no, maybe three decades — by writing, designing, publishing, and thinking about how all of these things fit together to delight and inform people and accomplish certain goals by doing just that.

You’ll find a lot of things on the website, as I progress. My interests are diverse, though I like to think the center holds and that everything is connected.

I’m interested in storytelling, writing, science writing, video, content strategy, business strategy, using technology to create content and improve productivity, design, how design and messaging come together to tell the narrative of brands, etc, etc, etc.

I hope you find something here that’s helpful. If you have a question, I’m happy to respond and hope that I can help out.